Christoforus B. and De virtutibus herbarum

Dating medieval manuscripts can be tricky, as many of them aren’t dated by the scribe, nor do we know who the scribes were.  However, 10a 159, Macer Floridus’ De Virtutibus Herbarum, has both a date and a name.  We even know approximately how long it took our scribe to complete each section!

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“Neither the rose nor the lily may overpass the violet”

Just in time for spring, we’re having a look this week at a medieval herbal and exploring the medicinal properties of the violet.  10a 159 is 15th century Italian manuscript and contains Macer Floridus’ De virtutibus herbarum, among other texts.


f. 8v – 9r, Macer Floridus, De vitutibus herbarum , 1493, 10a 159

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